Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at the impact our programs have had for our clients.

Speakeasy case study

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Our flagship two-day public speaking course that has taught thousands of women around the world to look forward to speaking – and given them the skills to nail every speaking opportunity.

Ignite Case Study
Ignite - Atlassian

Ignite is our program for emerging female leaders who want to lead with success, impact and spark. Ignite inspires women early in their leadership journey and sets them on a pathway for extraordinary and sustained success and fulfilment.

Case Study Elevate
AGL - Elevate

Elevate is your highly successful in-person leadership program for up to 20 high potential women. Its results are unmatched – in fact, our clients have lifted their women in leadership targets as a direct result of Elevate.

Adelaide Women
Adelaide Women Leadership Program

In 2014 and 2016 Inkling Women partnered with The University of Adelaide to deliver the Adelaide Women Leadership Development Program (AW)*. This program was designed for women with the potential and willingness to move into senior leadership roles, with a view to improve the representation of women at the University of Adelaide.

Inkling and Shape
Beyond Bias

In 2017, Inkling Women partnered with SHAPE to deliver Beyond Bias to a group of senior leaders within the business. Beyond Bias is an inclusive leadership program that develops a culture of gender equity from the top down, allowing both men and women to flourish.

AGL Beyond Bias
AGL Beyond Bias

Senior leaders attended three half day workshops during which they were given the motivation and skills to talk about gender diversity, to call out inappropriate behaviours in the workplace, and to create inclusive and successful teams. Leaders were also provided with the tools to coach and support women within the business.