This is us

At Inkling, we have a passionate driven team of experts who each bring their own unique flair to a shared vision.

Dr Gemma Munro
Founder, Director - PhD Psych

Dr Gemma Munro, Founder of Inkling, is on a mission to help people come home to themselves and lead lives of purpose, passion and peace. She has delivered keynotes at PayPal, Nissan and Qantas, and her talk at Google Headquarters in Silicon Valley was livestreamed to every Google office in the world.


Sophie Hampel
CEO, Director - M.OrgPsych Registered Psychologist

Sophie is one of Australia’s most sought after experts on the topics of gender diversity, emotional intelligence and unconscious bias. Sophie is expert in equipping leaders with the skills and motivation to create inclusive teams, and in inspiring women to step up, speak up and lead.

Kelly Segat
Head of Programs and Partnerships

Kelly has  held a series of senior leadership positions within global firms and her journey has seen her work most recently as part of the Global Leadership teams for innovative and leading edge organisations such as LinkedIn. As both an innovative business leader and coach, Kelly has seen great success with her warm and values-driven approach.

Dr Stan Rodski

Stan Rodski is an Australian neuroscientist specializing in brain performance. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a doctorate of science  in biological statistics. Dr Rodski has worked as a psychologist for over 30 years and more recently has focused on the neurosciences. Stan has helped many people, schools, sporting teams and organisations with improving  performance and in particular memory, concentration, agility and resilience.

Gemma Cunningham
Senior Facilitator

Gemma (also known as Gigi) is deeply passionate about developing others and is in her happy place when she is presenting to groups or coaching one-on-one, where she delights in facilitating insights and supporting people to become the best versions of themselves!

Gigi really geeks out on connecting with people through building instant relationships based on trust, mutual respect, generosity and warmth.

Libby Morrish
Finance Manager - GradDipCA

Libby is a Chartered Accountant who enjoys the gentle hum of a business that is running smoothly. She enjoys working with her intelligent, passionate and committed colleagues at Inkling, and is inspired by the work that Inkling does as she firmly believes that we all have the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

Brylee McFarlane
Corporate Account Manager - B.AppSc CMP

Personally labelled as a ‘professional problem solver’, Brylee enjoys learning about the challenges of others, and organisations, to connect the dots and create positive change. ‘A one-size fits all’ approach definitely doesn’t work for Brylee. She creates lasting relationships easily, and fosters growth in these over many years.

Kelly Graham-Sutton
Program Manager

Kelly uses her exceptional organisational skills, arranger and activator strengths to ensure outstanding delivery of Inkling programs, so that both our clients and participants are ecstatic with the results. She uses her management and consulting experience to solve complex problems and action tasks efficiently and effectively, with passion and warmth.

Megan Down
Event Manager - Dip Event Mgmt B.A

Megan is passionate about creating incredible events that bring people together to share, learn and grow. A stickler for the details, she is obsessed with making sure participants have the most amazing experiences at Inkling programs. Megan is known for her dedication and ‘can-do’ attitude, and draws on her strengths as a strategic thinker and arranger to manage amazing events from concept stage through to completion.

Katrina Cole
Marketing and Brand Manager

Katrina brings a wealth of knowledge with more than 15 years experience in senior marketing roles across a range of industries. Her passionate and collaborative approach has enabled her to achieve tremendous results for brands in her career. She loves nothing more than utilising her skills and expertise to build purpose-driven brands and is passionate about developing gender diversity and more opportunities for women in the workplace.

Andrea Lejbik
Office Manager

Andrea is lover of fun, a presenter of solutions and a logical thinker who gets things done, and done well.

A detail-oriented soul with extensive experience in office and procurement management, she is driven to making sure the finance and admin team run seamlessly. She loves being a part of Inkling because she is passionate about our vision to elevate humanity.

Georgina Gladigau
Partnerships and Program support

With a nearly-completed Masters of Organisational Psychology, Georgie has a serious love affair with research and data.

She puts this passion to work by expertly curating the copy and imagery for Inkling’s social media and communications, and then crunching the numbers.

Lauren Byleveld
Project Manager - B.A

Lauren is a creative self-starter with an enduring love of managing detail. An intuitive giver, she uses her strengths in arranging, maximising and connectedness to bring amazing projects to life!

With 20+ years of experience as project manager & digital designer, Lauren loves a good chat to troubleshoot, collaborate and problem solve.